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Swim Class Descriptions

Guidelines and Swim Levels:
To ensure safety and that students get the maximum benefits from our classes, We reserve the right to remove students from an inappropriate class and place them, when possible, in a class that better matches their ability and skill level. When enrollment is low course levels may be combined to avoid class cancellations. Concerns about your progress or your child’s please ask your instructor.

(Right-Class / Right-Start)
Participant must demonstrate proficiency in all the skills taught to pass a course OR to enroll in the next swim level. Repetition can be the key to learning; students may need to repeat a course to gain the required skills for advancement. In order to better match age, ability and motor skill development, please review each level. Classes will last 30-45 minutes with a six (6) or ten (10) to one (1) student to instructor ratio for all learn to swim classes. Starting in the correct course will enhance everyones swim experience and guarantee your progress and safety in the development of lifelong swimming skills.

 Teen/Adult Stroke Mechanics  TBA  Class Description
 Competitive Swim  TBA  Class Description
 Shark  TBA  Class Description
 Dolphin  TBA  Class Description
 Seahorse  TBA  Class Description
 Minnow  TBA  Class Description

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